Rover Process 18

This model Range Rover, known as a P-38, is a love-hate model for Land Rover fans. It has a complicated electric system which makes many people throw in the towel. I know that I almost did!    

Some guests at the ranch don’t ride so I thought it would make sense to shear off the top. What I thought was going to be a simple project turned into something quite different as the shop owner would only take on the task if it were to be a 100% job.   

The removal of the roof, windows and tailgate has changed the driving characteristics of the P-38. As it has shed about 1000 lbs of weight to the vehicle the V8 engine which is very quiet seems even more powerful and the open roof and sides just make passengers and driver feel at one with the surrounding nature. And of course we couldn’t resist having the local saddle maker add some RC touches to it!!